Move It! Monday: The Perfect Holiday Gift—Abs!

Dec 12th

Set Up: Lying on your back with your legs in a “V” shape, your left hand behind the nape of the neck, and your right hand up on the diagonal. Your pelvis is in a neutral position, the ribs are soft to the body, and your neck is supple.

Step 1: Take your right arm bring it across the body and lift up as the left leg lengthens and lifts of the ground. Think about your right rib gliding downward as your right shoulder lifts upward off the ground.

Step 2 Lengthen the right arm and left leg back down to the mat.

Repeat 10- 12 times then switch to the other side (left arm and right leg)

Modification:  This can be down with your knees bent and the feet on the floor.  You would just do the upper body movement crossing to the knee 10 to 12 times & repeat the other side