Holiday Gift Guide: For The Gents

Dec 13th

Holiday Gift Guide for Gents



Alright, how’s your holiday shopping coming? We’re doing pretty good but still have a little more to go. When it comes to finding gifts for the fellas in my life I struggle a little bit. I run into the same issues around Father’s Day. What I have decided to do is go simple. Before I would try to think of something crazy and elaborate but it wasn’t as loved like a favorite bottle of wine. Men…So here’s some different ideas I use for birthdays, holidays and Father’s Day.

1) Tickets: What guy doesn’t love to go to a sporting event? Or maybe a concert? Look around your area for what’s happening. Thankfully the NBA season is returning so that should help a little. Find out his schedule and book something you know he’d enjoy. You can even make a basket out of it by getting a gift card to dinner or a shirt for his sports team. Extra points? Make it a guys “mandate” with a best buddy. I use Stub Hub, Ticketmaster or Barry’s Tickets.

2) iPhone Cases: Like the ladies in your life, spruce up your gents iPhone or Blackberry. There are a lot of fun designs out there, but I recommend simple. Here and here and great options. If you want to score some extra points see if he needs an upgrade. Grab him the latest version of his phone.

3) Month Clubs: I’ve become a HUGE fan of these!! What’s a better way to show your love than an all-year long reminder. This site has a great list of different month clubs for wine, beer and even steaks! If a year is a little pricey they have 3-month and 6-month options as well. I’d go for the beer! Or maybe cheese! (selfish so I would benefit)

4) Michael Kors watch: I am in love with my Michael Kors watches so why not spread the love to your gent. This watch is one of my favorites as it can go with just about anything. It’s masculine but not too flashy.

5) Sound Systems: Boys and their toys. One of the best gifts I ever got hubster was a Sirius radio system and membership for his car. Since then I have been struggling to top that gift. Update the system in his car or maybe grab a personal deck. You can find really great deals on these, plus their practical.

6) Crew Neck Sweater: I absolutely love cuddling and there’s something about hubster wearing a sweater that draws me in. You have to be careful as some guys don’t like to wear them but this one is simple. The color is standard and depending the climate can be used year round.

7) Grilling Toys: Does the man you’re shopping for love to grill? If so then grab some fun new gadgets to add to their collection. I love these flexible grilling skewers. They allow for some fun bbqs! Sur La Table is filled with fun accessories for the grill. Ever thought about a personal branding stick?

8) Golf: Do you have a golf fan in your house? If so help them stock up on some golf balls or maybe they need a new pair of shoes. If they’re all set in the accessory department get a gift certificate to a favorite course they’ve been wanting to try or maybe some lessons.