Splendid Successful Suprise!

Dec 15th

So I haven’t been able to write about my secret plans for my mom’s 60th surprise party….but now I can!!! For the past two months we had been planning a small gathering of people for a dinner celebration. About 50 people showed up and the plan was flawless!!! My mom had NOOOOO idea!!! We were able to get all four kids in town without her suspecting anything. (Sorry mom for all the little white lies I have told!!!) It was a beautiful evening of good Italian good, pomegranate martinis, and great company!! I’ve never been at the forefront of planning a surprise party so this was very exciting! 🙂 Here are some pictures!

All four of the Medders kids waiting!
My mom with host Marla
Beautiful dinner buffet!


Walking in thinking she was coming over to watch a football game
Easy appetizer with a lot to nibble on….plus looks pretty!


The WHOLE family together!!!