Sol Y Luna

Dec 16th

If you haven’t been to Sol y Luna in the valley, it is a must!! Located Ventura Blvd, right across from the Corbin Bowl, it has the best Mexican food. When living in the valley, we used to go here lots and now still travel when we are craving Mexican dishes! They make AMAZING margaritas, great tableside guacamole, and the best tacos around! In a birthday tradition for my parents, we took them there this year. (we go somewhere new every year….someplace they haven’t been) They both said it was the best and my mom isn’t even a big Mexican food fan. She personally loved the albondigas soup! CLICK HERE for more information on hours, the menu, and directions. Oh FYI they don’t take reservations, so if you have a group send someone early! Don’t feel bad, they can grab a margarita while they wait!

Taquitos….you can get beef or chicken

Tableside guacamole
Wings….super spicy!!!
And when it’s your birthday….you get a cool Mexican hat!
My party had from my birthday dinner there last year! Stylish!