25: My “Quarter Life Crisis”

Dec 16th

If you were to tell me (well, my 18yr old self) that at 25 I would be married and having my first child I would have never believed it! That would be considered just crazy talk. (see here) It’s funny how things don’t span out how you plan them to, but I’ve quickly realized my life is so much more blessed that I ever thought it would/could be. A few years ago the thought of 25 scared me to pieces. It was my “quarter life crisis” I would say. I felt a pressure to be this person and stick to a certain ideal I had planted for myself. There were so many things on my “checklist” that I felt I needed to accomplish and now looking back it seems so trivial. In light of all the tragic heartache going on throughout the country, especially in Newtown, I have more than ever realized I have had the most amazing gifts….

A wonderful family.

Amazing friends.

A beautiful home.

Truly the most caring and kind husband, who is my best-friend.

But this year I am receiving the most precious gift, our baby boy. The journey to this point may not make sense, nor will it ever. Remember if you want to make God laugh, you tell him your plan. As I feel him kicking inside me right now I know that I couldn’t ask for anything better on this birthday. Well, maybe a glass of bubbly with my cupcake, but for now sparkling cider will do! And quite frankly my new “crisis” is trying to figure which bottles to get or which swaddling method is the best.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.