Dec 17th

Another restaurant review for you!!! This past weekend we traveled to Vegas for a little getaway. With both of us under the weather it was a little more relaxed Vegas trip than normal, meaning not too much drinking or going out. We enjoyed eating some good food and helping deposit money into the Las Vegas city fund. Seriously, how many times can you be dealt a 12? Everytime for me!!!!

We headed to LAVO at the Palazzo hotel for an amazing dinner. This Italian restaurant has a lounge feel and eventually turns into a nightclub. For those familiar with Vegas, the owners of Tao at the Venetian created this restaurant as well. I have a soft spot for any good Italian food and it was fantastic here! Some of the best I have ever had. Their meatballs are so big, they are served as a meal itself!!

Meatball with ricotta cheese on top! Insanely delicious!

We got a caprese salad to start and it was some of the freshest I have ever had. The buffalo mozzarella was so creamy and the tomato tasted like they had just been picked from a garden. Drizzled with a sweet balsamic, this was the perfect light appetizer. For those looking for more the calamari and 2-feet long appetizer pizzas looked delicious!! (The guys sitting next to us offered some, but we passed…like weird)

For an entree, I stuck to a rigatoni ragu. The waiter suggested saying you had to have a pasta if you came there. The ragu was great and the portions were huge! If you are a steak fan they have lots of choices, but beware super pricey. Also the bass that was $35 was tiny so I don’t recommend if you are looking to get a good deal. They have a great selection of wine and fabulous martinis!!! For more information CLICK HERE but I highly recommend next time you are in Sin City!!!

My grape martini! Not too fruity!