A Look Back on 23….Then We Joust!

Dec 17th

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

~Dr. Seuss 


Another year older and another year wiser, right? Well I’d like to think so. When I think about this past year and everything that’s happened it’s hard to believe it is summed up into 12 months. From adapting into married life more, to having a fabulous job and recently changing careers (just a little bit) so much has changed. I’d like to think that I am starting to really “find myself”, or so they say.

For those that know me, I am a planner. I like to know when things are exactly happening, where I am going to be and I pretty must try to control every situation I can. OCD, it’s a curse. Well thanks to the power upstairs this past year has been anything but that. I’ve had a set path on where I thought I would have been by now with my career, family and just life in general. Want to know what’s been right so far, nothing? In a weird way I am so blessed by this but learning to loosen my grip has been the lesson. There’s a great quote that I like to smile about, “If you want to make God laugh show Him your plans.” So true.

To be honest, I never in my wildest dreams thought I was going to be married at such a young age. I was the eternal single gal living in NY who cringed at the thought of having children and learning to make a casserole. “So old school” I thought. Well meeting and marrying hubster is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It was the first time I had followed my heart instead of my brain. Wise move. He’s been along my side as I’ve gone from a college gal to a woman and wife. I’ve fallen in love with being a home-maker, entertaining friends and ultimately having a family. The cards haven’t necessarily been in the right place for being able to start a family but I have faith that in the new year to come our prayers may be answered.

I’ve grown and learned to juggle the many different relationships in my life. Since becoming married I’ve learned that “we” comes first. So long had we both been used to having our own families that we realized we started our own family once we said “I do.” There’s always going to be battles and struggles but at the end of the day we have such a solid foundation because we communicate with each other first. I’ve asked many people what their secret to marriage was and “communication” is alway the answer. Very cliche, yet so true. But I have loved developing new relationships with different members of our families. I was never able to really have grandparents and I have been so blessed to have two sets now which is something I treasure. I have an amazing sister-in-law who has become more than family, but rather a best friend. And I am blessed with in-laws who treat me as though I am and have always been one of their children. To go along I’ve grown to have a stronger and deeper relationship with my own parents and started to realize maybe they’re not wrong all the time. What a concept? We all had those growing pains, right? There’s so many stories and so much to learn, and I admire my love, strength, and endurance of my parent’s 40 year marriage.

And as we talk about relationships the past year I’ve learned so much from friendships. This little thing called “life” keeps us all busy, on different times zones and it’s often hard to connect. I’ve been so blessed to have come across some amazing people with friendships I cherish. There’s never a time that’s bad to call one of these friends and their always an ear to listen. Spread across the country I have enjoyed growing up and developing as women together. Rarely is there the “I cannot believe what I did last night” call filled with a walk of shame story, but rather the call about a co-worker or baking the perfect Nutella cupcake. Geez…we’re growing up! So many were along my journey of getting married and I am now so excited to be along for the ride of best friend’s sides as they embark on a new chapter. Let’s get serious, this means bachelorette parties, showers and a night of endless dancing and celebrating.

What about work? Whew that’s a question that opens up a whole new bag. There has been a lot of changes and quite the adjustment the past couple weeks. I left an amazing job with people I admire and respect to help be a part of our family business (hubster’s really). Though a little struggle to adjust at first, I love it. I am still able to apply so much of what I learned while working other jobs to what I am doing now to help grow and develop the company. Plus, I still allow myself my own expression through this bloggy, as well as being a Lifestyle editor for a magazine and freelance writing. I have a couple fun things in the works that I cannot wait to share some day. Hubster and I have had to learn, and still have much more to go, on working together and knowing when to find real “us” time.

So there’s been a lot this past year and I am so grateful for all it has brought. The key word in my life is balance and learning/growing to juggle everything. I feel I have grown so much and I know I am still very young with lots more to experience and see. I’m sure I’ll continue to mess up a little along the way and not always make the right decisions but I’ve got an amazing support by my side so I know I’ll always be ok. Plus I’m just excited. There’s so much to come and I cannot wait to unravel it all!

As I go into the next year, I am gathering with friends and family tonight to celebrate in style at Medieval Times. Woot Woot!!! This was a random idea of a group of adults headed back in the times of jousting and no utensils. Don’t worry…there will be photos to come. As you can see, I have been a fan of the black and white knight for some time, so you better believe we are sitting in his section. So bring on the party bus with two light up dance poles and fog machines. The best present? Getting my parents to get up there and dance. Challenge accepted!

Here’s to 24!