A year in review…

Dec 18th
We get engaged!!! So exciting!

Thanks to good ‘ole Facebook, you may have seen that today is my birthday!! Yikes! Turning the big 23! Woot Woot!!! I am so excited that the forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain. Yippeeeee!! My favorite weather this time of year. As I look back on this past year I must say it has been the best ever!! And extremely monumental too! I’m looking forward for the next year to come! Let’s take a trip down memory lane….(only picked a couple for LOTS of great memories!!)

Our honeymoon garage sale is a big success with the help of great family!!

Travel with my best friend to NYC!

Easter at Paradise Cove


Headed to the Jersey Shore for a snow-filled reunion with college roomies…SAKE!

                         sibling reunion!!!                                                                                                    Our couples wedding shower!


               The wedding!!! And honeymoon too! Favorite part of year…duh!