Closet Confession: Candy Cane Lane

Dec 21st

Pants: Flying Monkey Shirt: Style Mint Shoes: Gap Scarf: Soto Bracelets: Vintage, MaddyNBella
Hello everyone. Meet Mr. Penguin! I have a weird obsession with this animal and only wish I could have one as a pet. Not the big emperor kind, but the little fluffy ones that can live in hot weather. I mean, how cool would that be? I also want a killer whale so I personally think the penguin is a little more practical. Until I figure out how to get a real penguin, my mother got me this penguin. He’s actually pretty stellar and lights up, so I guess we headed in the right direction. Plus I even can try to dance with him…ya a little weird, I know. ¬†Besides penguins, I have become a huge fan of StyleMint. Their shirts are insanely comfortable and fit really well. I find that I am able to dress them up if needed, or just wear casual. I’ve worn this shirt with a black shirt, jeans and a white skirt. Well, in honor of the season I paired with some red pants and hubster immediately said I looked like a candy cane. Compliment? Still not sure. We actually ended up going Christmas shopping while I was in this outfit so I really fit in with the holiday spirit. Thanks Style Mint! Have you tried them yet?¬†