In The Kitchen: Grinchmas Reese’s Blondies

Dec 22nd

What is it about the holidays that always brings about baking. I’m dying here!!! Well, I’m actually in a blissful state of butter and sugar heaven, but my pants are exploding. Anywho, I have a thing for Reese’s. Who doesn’t? Well of course I was beyond delighted when I stumbled upon this recipe. After searching around the web world there are plenty of recipes for this. I added a couple pieces of peanut butter cup on top the last five minutes of baking for some extra goodness. To tie in the theme of Christmas, I added some green food coloring to the batter. Well, it didn’t really turn out the green I was expecting but that’s ok. I dubbed this the “Grinchmas” cookies since they remind me of the Grinch. I don’t know…trying to get crafty here. The recipe was simple and the result delicious!