Pesto Caprese

Dec 23rd
 The fact I cook with tomatoes is a big thing, and the fact I eat them pretty much by themselves is HUGE!!! You would have never seen this a couple years ago! (Though on a sidenote….for some reason I don’t like them in salads or on sandwiches. Thiis something I cannot explain and don’t understand, but so it is.)

The other night I was craving caprese. It is probably from our amazing dinner at LAVO in Las Vegas which I am still drooling over. I wanted to kick things up a notch…BOOM POW WHAM (thanks Emeril), so I made a homemade pesto sauce to put on top of the fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. And I shall now toot my horn a little bit here. It was SOOOOO good!!! So good we had it two nights in a row!! So I thought I would share my quick and easy recipe!!! This is great for lunch or a beginning to dinner.

Buy 4-5 fresh tomatoes by the vine. (if you happen to be lucky and have a farmers market or fresh tomato field near you…get them from there) Get a ball of fresh mozzarella. The one in the bag of water is best and tastes the greatest. If you have an Italian restaurant near you (those in town Badduccos or Italia Deli) grab it from there. They know how to do it!!! Slice the tomatoes and mozzarella. Place the tomatoes on a plate and drizzle slightly with oil olive and balsamic vinaigrette. Salt and pepper to your desire. Place the pieces of mozzarella on top of the tomatoes. (if you don’t want to make pesto add a spring of basil on top and you are done)

For those adventurous followers, here is the pesto recipe. Put 4-5 garlic cloves in a food processor along with 1/4 cup of pine nuts. Add about 1/4 cup of olive oil and blend away. 15-20 leaves of basil should be good…chop chop chop. Salt and pepper to taste and squeeze juice of one lemon. Voila!!! Dabble on top of the mozzarella and then add a basil leave. YUM YUM!!!