The Roundup: 18 Links

Dec 23rd

Whew, took a couple weeks off (hi, I have a child that doesn’t stop moving), but I have been saving some links for ya! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!





I have always loved George Clooney, but this article just makes me want to drink a cocktail with him.

38 test answers that are 100% wrong but total genius at the same time.

How many of these will you go ‘No way!’ to?

Whether this is completely true or not it’s something to think about.

Some of the coolest art I have ever seen.

As Carter has started solids, this is just hilarious. The innocence.

Kanye, you’re stupid. This is epic indeed.

The queen just lives on another level. Funny reactions to Bey.

Oh, did you see this little list I put together for ya? Working on more (child issues).

Bye, bye Supermom.

Completely, ridiculously, insanely obsessed with this song.

This is the “go-to” recipe for this holiday season. Hello, San Marzano tomatoes.

How do you talk?

35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years of Marriage.

I absolutely love chivalry and am thankful so does my husband.

She is 9 months pregnant and not hanging up her slippers. How gorgeous is this?

Are you an easy crier? Try these holiday commercials out!

What little girls wish their daddies knew.