The Best Secret Santa Present

Dec 24th
Ok, this could be one of my favorite posts to write about EVER.
As all my readers know, I have an obsession with the movie “Elf” and Will Ferrell.
We were talking this year about wanting a GIANT cutout of “Elf” to put beside our Christmas tree.
True story….we started researching this a couple months ago and haven’t been able to find one.
So we settled for watching the movie regularly and having hubster committing to being “Elf” for Halloween.
(This I cannot wait for)
Well, here is where I am getting very excited.
After a long day of work we were settled into bed last night.

Around 11 p.m. there were 6 quick doorbell rings and we both were like “HUH!?!”

Thinking some rowdy and bored kids were ding-dong-ditching, we didn’t think much of it.
(Sidenote–remember doing this and what a thrill is was!!!)
I’m not going to lie I was a little afraid to open the door so we checked out the windows and no car.
With our extremely scary 120-pound dogs, who would really do nothing if something happened, we went to open the door and guess what was there!?!?!?!??!!?

Two GIANT “Elf” cutouts and a lit candle. There was a card that said “Thought you could always use one more candle and a life-size elf. Love you Secret Santas.” The candle reference is a joke with the fact that just in our front room there 17 candles to be lit (I did not count…my friends did)
Soooo this was honestly the best surprise and we are pretty sure we know who those Secret Santas are. In your honor, you both (yes there are TWO of you!!!….cough….dog named Riley….cough) this blog has been created. You see these individuals were over the other night for a friend holiday gathering we had and our topics of conversation included the giant “Elf” cutout, the joke of candles, and my blog. I have put it all together….sneaky sneaky detective style!!! So thank you for the holiday cheer!!! xox´╗┐