Shaken, not Stirred

Dec 30th
A “fusion” martini of 5 different juices and vodka
Who doesn’t like a good martini? To bring in the New Year’s I thought I would share some favorite martini recipes! And of course, if you have some please share!!! If you want to watch a video I did at Padri’s Martini Bar on how to make a great pomegranate or dirty martini, click HERE.
Pear martini with grapes

Sweet Martini
Into a mixing glass, pour 1oz Gin and 1oz Vermouth.Stir well. Pour into a martini glass. To finish, drop a single green olive into the bottom of the martini glass.

Cranberry Martini
Combine 1oz vodka, 3oz cranberry juice, and 1/2oz Cointreau into a cocktail shaker. Add ice so that the shaker is about a third full (ice plus ingredients). Shake for 20 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass. Squeeze a couple of drops from the lemon slice into the glass, then garnish the side of the cocktail glass with the slice of lemon.


Enjoying a martini!!