Dearest 2013….

Dec 30th

To say 2013 has been the best year yet is quite the understatement….I thought I’d look back and reflect a little on what a blessing it has been. I’m sorry 2014, but you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

34 weeks

I started 2013 six months pregnant with our baby boy Carter. Pregnancy was rough and I was literally counting down the minutes until I could hold him in my arms. The most exciting, scary and rewarding journey of being a mother began this April and since then it has been the best ride. I’ve learned more about myself, I’ve grown as a woman, I’ve become closer with my husband and I’ve learned the deepest meaning of unconditional love. Everyone tells you ‘it’s the best’ but you don’t really get it until they’re here. Carter has brought me so much joy and  I pinch myself everyday with how lucky I am to call him my son. I’ve learned to really cherish moments and take in all he has to bring, as it truly does go by fast.

Through Carter, I have fallen even more in love with my husband. From the day I found out I was pregnant he has been the best partner I could ever ask for. From random cravings to helping me tie my shoes he proved to love me in all my hormonal and swollen goodness. I lost it the first time he held our baby boy as there’s now no better sight than the two of them together. The way Carter giggles with him and smiles is so unique and I cannot get enough. They are thick as thieves and I am looking forward to watching their relationship grow, just as we have in our partnership. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary this summer! You learn a lot about someone as you go through the beginning parenting stages together and I’m looking forward to 2014 and continuing to grow and strengthen our relationship as it’s easy to let it bypass when all your attention is on your child. The first couple months of the new year are going to be a great test for us as a couple and I’m ready for the challenge!


In 2013 I officially left my posts in the writing world to take on working for our business full-time. It has been a change and often a challenge, but I am blessed to wake up to my son every morning and be there at night for bedtime, both things I would have lost had I continued. Business wise, 2013 was extremely exciting. We are lucky to have the most amazing people apart of the group of Proactive Sports. We love our team, our clients and are so fortunate to call PSP our second home. Besides our cliental, this past year especially we’ve been working (Ryan times ten) on an online project that is so so so so close to finally launching. This has been years in the making so to see the light at the end of the tunnel is so exciting. We’ve got an exciting combine season, some camps and projects are slated for 2014! It’s beyond inspiring to see the dreams and hard work of Ryan come to life. I’ve yet to meet someone so kind, humble, gracious and truly balanced. He’s the best gift and I’m lucky to call him my husband. I wish all the best for him this next year as he deserves all that comes his way.


Personally, besides our little bundle of joy, we moved. With a two month old and in the middle of our busy season this was a daunting adventure but I couldn’t be happier. We’ve found a place to call home for a long time, with best friends even moving right up the street. They couldn’t live together due to marriage so living close was the consolation. Our mastiffs are almost 7 and remain a highlight in our lives, despite my lack of photos due to child. I still love you Tank and Tiny!

Through exciting changes of becoming parents, a new home and a crazy schedule with the business, I’ve realized what truly amazing friends and family we have. In times of need or just when I need a good laugh they’ve been a shoulder to lean on. I’ve learned to value the moments I have and appreciate the differences that make family so unique. This past year has brought some amazing new friendships in the form of fellow moms and without them I don’t know who I would have turned to when I need to just vent or express some joy of the little things. I’m so lucky these women came into my life and I look up to what beautiful, young mother they are.

I don’t know what 2014 has to bring and it’s an exciting adventure I’m looking forward to. Never would I have imagined I would be in the place I’m at today, yet I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. My goal for 2014 is to continue to challenge and grow myself personally and professionally. As the rest of the country says when the clock starts midnight, I’m going to work on becoming healthier physically and mentally. This means some “me” days and nights, as well as more consistent date nights with my husband. I’m going to keep challenging as a mother to be creative, fun and inspiring for my son (and try no screen time until 2)! And I’m going to work on being a better friend and communicate with those near and far, even if for a quick five minutes.

And lastly…whew! My goal for 2013 was to write down one thing I am thankful for every day. This has been such a fun diary of sorts that I love looking back on. So, without further ado, here’s a un-edited look back at 2013. Thank you!



1.1- a lazy day spent watching college football games

1.2- a warm cup of green tea to soothe my cold
1.3- Tank’s underbite
1.4- new Stride gum flavor I tried today (green pack)
1.5- learning how to jump a car thanks to my neighbor Regina 1.6- staying up until 2am while my son had a dance party in my stomach

1.7- a 76 degree winter day

1.8- a delicious egg white omelette

1.9- spending day w lil bro home from college

1.10- a rejuvenating yoga class

1.11- leaves still the color of fall

1.12- day spent with sis in law & mom in law being pampered

1.13- a fresh pumpkin loaf from French man at farmer’s market

1.14- cooking with kale for the first time

1.15- a 10 minute nap

1.16- Dunkin Donuts announcing its coming to LA 2015

1.17- a warm fireplace

1.18- tour of Children’s Hospital LA and realizing life is such a blessing

1.19- an afternoon lunch with my best friend by the lake

1.20- a completely pampered day at the spa

1.21- big Costco bag of Cuties

1.22- finding a new band and song I like

1.23- warm bowl of miso soup on a chilly night

1.24- making it to 27 weeks

1.25- a girls night out with a group of new fellow preggo friends

1.26- a beautiful evening mass

1.27- a Sunday morning spent in bed listening to music and talking

1.28- getting a bowl of large conversation hearts in the house

1.29- a fresh bouquet of sunflowers from husband

1.30- a guys dinner with my bro, dad and hubby

1.31- bag of only cinnamon jelly beans

2.1- sound of seagulls while out running errands

2.2- making it through two workout classes

2.3- Super Bowl Sunday

2.4 blooming white cherry blossom trees on the street to our house

2.5- seeing our little boy bounce around on the ultrasound (28.5wks)

2.6- jamba juice

2.7- being on the Marie show as a pregnancy model…fun experience

2.8- dinner at ihop

2.9- a beautiful baptism for little grace Driscoll

2.10- salted caramel brownies

2.11- getting book hand me downs for carter

2.12- beautiful Ash Wednesday service

2.13- laying outside for 15min in 80 degree weather

2.14- surprise lunch bought to house by two friends

2.15- getting a new bra

2.16- wonderful benefit for dear friends charity

2.17- bright white roses for week at farmers market

2.18- first prepared childbirth class

2.19- rainy night with tomato soup and grilled cheese

2.20- stocking house with Easter candy

2.21- my sister coming out from Iowa for weekend

2.22- a day without working out

2.23- Carter’s first baby shower

2.24- meeting the cutest puppy

2.25- reading all the cards again for baby Carter

2.26- not having to get up in middle of night to go to bathroom

2.27- impromptu lunch date with hubby

2.28- breast feeding class…help

3.1- a sunny day at the sand dunes

3.2- going to mass with my dad

3.3- finding $$ in my pocket

3.4- surprise visit at work from friend’s kid

3.5- driving to vegas at night for bball tournament. Baby moon?

3.6- date night in vegas!

3.7- the sparkling chandelier at planet Hollywood in vegas

3.8- leaving Sin City up $ for once

3.9- Saturday night trip to Target…why so fun?

3.10- Carter rolling around like crazy

3.11- watching the birds play in the fountain outside my office

3.12- carter getting hiccups for the first time

3.13- 80 degree weather

3.14- seeing flowers beginning to bloom in the backyard

3.15- manicure & pedicure with Kenzie

3.16- our lovely couple’s shower thrown by the Driscolls

3.17- corned beef, cabbage and carrot dinner

3.18- getting a vitamix

3.19- out house officially selling and closed

3.20- first day of spring

3.21- getting a new camera lens

3.22- watching Finding Nemo at 5am with hubs bc we can’t sleep

3.23- finishing first PSP week long camp

3.24- Carter’s ladies shower

3.25- yoga class & yohoo chocolate milk

3.26- setting up the nursery

3.27- final ultrasound before giving birth & seeing that he’s 8lbs already

3.28- the maple leafs starting to grow in the backyard

3.29- fried PB&J sandwich

3.30- Saturday walk to lunch with doggies

3.31- “Oh Happy Day” in Easter mass

4.1- grandma’s successful surgery

4.2- party platter pizookie

4.3- an afternoon hanging with Auntie Tash & hubs

4.4- a randomly gloomy day

4.5- cereal for lunch

4.6- renting beach cruisers and biking around Santa Monica & Venice

4.7- omelette parlor for breakfast in Santa Monica

4.8- Carter rolling around to sound of music

4.9- evening walk around the neighborhood

4.10- staying in bed until 9:30am (though sick was nice)

4.11- a chocolate shake at dinner

4.12- completing the sand dune workout at 38weeks pregnant

4.13- watching the doggies cuddle

4.14- morning spent reading magazines on the couch with Ry

4.15- seeing Carter’s face in ultrasound

4.16- a new faro salad recipe for dinner

4.17- seeing my best friend’s new apartment…so exciting!

4.18- seeing The Great Gatsby trailer…so excited

4.19-getting new books at the book store

4.20- M Cafe

4.21- 1cm dilated…this is happening!

4.22- PYT on the radio

4.23- final night as family of two

4.24- Carter is born!!

4.25- husband holding Carter…my boys!!

4.26- seeing great-grandma&grandpa Hagy hold him

4.27- going home!

4.28- first family outing to breakfast at marmalade

4.29- carter laughing in his sleep

4.30- successful first dr appointment

5.1- watching hubs feed Carter and rock him to bed

5.2- back to yoga class with Carter

5.3- nails and lunch day with Carter and gma

5.4- having a margarita

5.5- Carter getting to meet my old babysitter Vicky & first Sunday supper

5.6- a rainy cuddle day at home

5.7- first workout back

5.8- first date night since Carter born…hello martini!

5.9- Lyndsey and Billy came!

5.10- Brett in town…having entire family together

5.11- A sunny afternoon lunch as a family of 3 at The Landing

5.12- a beautiful first Mother’s Day

5.13- the calmness giving Carter a full bath gives him

5.14- seeing my roommate Sammi from college

5.15- a frosted cookie

5.16- a 4 hour nap with carter on my chest

5.17- baby noises while sleeping

5.18- Carter’s first trip to Hooters

5.19- Family walk with dogs around the lake

5.20- watching a hummingbird

5.21-kissing little men’s feet

5.22- 1 month old!

5.23- dancing to country music to fall asleep

5.24- Carter giggling

5.25- making herb garlic knots

5.26- Memorial Day BBQ

5.27- cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc on a hot day

5.28- the smell of Carter after his bath

5.29- laughing whole having the hiccups

5.30- tummy time

5.31- First Ladies group out since having the baby

6.1- first day in pool and first time to church

6.2- a morning hike through the foggy mountains

6.3- an afternoon spent reading books to carter

6.4- rolled over for first time

6.5- late night fro yo run

6.6- putting an offer on a new house

6.7- bought new house!!!!

6.8- a grilled panini sandwich

6.9- seeing West Point graduate Stevie back home!

6.10- Carter full on snoring while sleeping

6.11- reading a book for a few minutes

6.12- starting to pack boxes

6.13- morning cuddles until 9:45

6.14- ramen for dinner

6.15- lunch at nobu

6.16- first Father’s Day

6.17- Carter’s first time in the shower

6.18- iced vanilla coffee

6.19- storytime

6.20- the feeling of an overly productive day

6.21- quick lunch date alone with hubs

6.22- lil man slept 7hrs straight

6.23- fun brunch at pedalers fork

6.24- an hour walk by myself

6.25- happy bday Ry!!

6.26- Fox Sports 1 shoot…Carter’s first closeup

6.27- the cutest sad face after first shots

6.28- date night w auntie Tasha

6.29- backyard swim and BBQ

6.30- first time paintballing

7.1- carter starting to army crawl a little bit

7.2- first time to evening group workout

7.3- happy hour date night

7.4- adorable flag diapers

7.5- a citrus fish taco

7.6- first afternoon movie date

7.7- carter is sleeping through the night!

7.8- got rear ended and blessed carter didn’t get hurt

7.9- hanging with great grandparents

7.10- extra long morning cuddles

7.11- first mommy & me

7.12- first Santa Monica step Roadtrip with lil man

7.13- bacon wrapped tater tots

7.14- Venice beach

7.15- official new house approval

7.16- letter from a friend via snail mail

7.17- happy bday sissay

7.18- Mastro’s warm butter cake

7.19- feeling sand on feet for first time

7.20- night on the boat with friends

7.21- packing for new house

7.22- an afternoon with great grandparents

7.23- smiles despite fuzziness

7.24- happy 3rd anniversary

7.25- moving into new house

7.26- Carter in his shark towel

7.27- organized new kitchen

7.28- Sunday brunch

7.29- uncle Brett comes!

7.30- rolling over all the time now

7.31- first night on couch in new house

8.1- auntie Lynds & uncle billy here

8.2- Chinese delivery at new house

8.3- night on the lake

8.4- saying official goodbye to Great Smokey Ct

8.5- starting to teeth

8.6- night with hubs in new spa

8.7- best morning spent cuddling with daddy then going to breakfast

8.8- ladies night with wine, fire pit and lil man

8.9- daddy home after being gone for 2 days!

8.10- starting to copycat some noises

8.11- brunch on boat followed by afternoon cuddle nap

8.12- talking in the crib when he first wakes up

8.13- filling a dumpster of trash

8.14- 4 months old!

8.15- a walk by myself

8.16- signing new business deal

8.17- ice cream for dinner

8.18- first time meeting cousin Bentley & pool day

8.19- smiles right when I get carter out of the crib

8.20- 4month shots less than a minute crying

8.21- walk with new mommy and me friend

8.22- impromptu date night

8.23- first trip to Hollywood Bowl with lil man seeing Kirsten Chenoweth

8.24- an evening at the park

8.25- sitting outside talking to hubs with a cup of coffee

8.26- brownie brittle

8.27- afternoon with cousin Jagger and Aunt Carrie

8.28- the giggles

8.29- playing a game of pig

8.30- family night just us 3

8.31- finding kitchen table

9.1- movie in the backyard at Tammy & Bills

9.2- family walk around lake

9.3- storytime before bed

9.4- starting group workouts again!

9.5- rolling all over mommy & me

9.6- first night in hotel Newport

9.7- DMB concert in Irvine

9.8- first Sunday football

9.9- Carter taking a nap on me full of cuddles

9.10- off to Boston! Trip with just hubby

9.11- cigar bar and cocktails in North End

9.12- duck tour

9.13- patriots v jets game in Foxboro

9.14- NYC! Chicken sandwich at Parm

9.15- a day in Brooklyn

9.16- coming home to my baby

9.17- 5 minute giggle fest with daddy

9.18- sitting in high chair for first time

9.19- loving the dogs

9.20- swimming in the spa

9.21- making flower arrangements

9.22- first party at new house for grandma Hagy 86th bday

9.23- evening walk around the lake with my boys

9.24- getting on hands and knees with a little hop

9.25- first tooth breaks!

9.26- a night out for dinner, drinks and mom talk with Karen

9.27- Carter’s first trip to Mongolian BBQ

9.28- a nap with my boys

9.29- happy 90th great grandpa Capretta

9.30- new class at Gymboree

10.1- it’s fall!

10.2- first plane ride to Iowa

10.3- Lyndsey is pregnant!

10.4- hanging with family in Iowa

10.5- helping Lynds register for baby

10.6- coming home to daddy

10.7- trying avocado for first time

10.8- Gymboree play class and bubbles

10.9- fireplace and rain kind of day

10.10- evening of scrap booking

10.11- matinee movie date

10.12- making pumpkin bread

10.13- Carter getting baptized

10.14- first cold sniffles are too cute

10.15- pea purée

10.16- surprise spa day set up by hubby with my best friend

10.17- quick nap

10.18- Carter loves apples

10.19- Mac & cheese kind of night

10.20- first trip to pumpkin patch

10.21- falling asleep on me after morning bottle

10.22- a beautiful cloudy sky this morning

10.23- Carter’s army crawl

10.24- the smell of a fire place burning while outside in the evening 6 months!

10.25- afternoon kids play date with prosecco for moms

10.26- zac brown band concert!

10.27- loved bananas

10.28- falling asleep to the sound of rain

10.29- trying first green beans

10.30- sitting up so well

10.31- first Halloween as a little dragon…also first kiss from 9month old

11.1- TGIF and hamburgers

11.2- nighttime giggles

11.3- an afternoon margarita and all day cuddles

11.4- trying to stand

11.5- a morning with daddy

11.6- Carter laughing while watching a video of himself laughing

11.7- learning to climb the stairs

11.8- mommy gets a haircut!

11.9- cafe habana lunch with dani and Rachel

11.10- a Sunday without leaving the house

11.11- beautiful funeral service for Sam’s grandma

11.12- a strawberry shake

11.13- giggles in the morning

11.14- going on the swing and slides at the park

11.15- Ryan and Caitlin’s wedding!

11.16- picking out Carter’s Christmas outfit

11.17- decorating for Christmas

11.18- climbed two stairs all on own

11.19- coming home to Christmas lights at new house

11.20- zip lining swing at Gymboree

11.21- a rainy day full of giggles and cuddles

11.22- Centennial luncheon

11.23- first Starbucks red cup

11.24- homemade breakfast bowls for brunch

11.25- early thanksgiving dinner with GMA and gpa….best turkey I’ve ever had!

11.26- scarfing down and loving corn

11.27- coffee for two in bed

11.28- Carter’s first thanksgiving…so much to be thankful for especially when he started the day with cuddles

11.29- a trip to the zoo in San Diego and first top tooth coming in

11.30- seeing Dana from Hofstra

12.1- getting our Christmas tree

12.2- holiday staycation and meeting Santa

12.3- making this new spitting noise non stop…hilarious!

12.4- outlet shopping

12.5- mommy & me holiday party

12.6- pizza got dinner

12.7- early morning workout class

12.8- bday walk with gpa to stonehaus

12.9- Carter stood on his own for two seconds

12.10- morning playtime with a hot cup of coffee and fireplace going

12.11-surprise bday lunch for GMA and friends

12.12- chimneys with rising smoke in the morning

12.13- murder mystery birthday

12.14- an evening of snow at the four seasons

12.15- tooth #5 arrived

12.16- a long overdue afternoon walk with kenz

12.17- cheers to 26!

12.18- an early night to sleep

12.19- hosting bonkers night

12.20- cookie decorating

12.21- family in town!

12.22- brining up the gifts in church as a family for the first time

12.23- lunch date with my boys

12.24- hosting Christmas Eve

12.25-blessed Christmas with my beautiful little family & 8 months

12.26- afternoon at the park with uncle Brett

12.27- bath tub swimming lesson with Carter

12.28- a winter boat ride 

12.29- endless Carter kisses
12.30- Carter loving homemade tomato soup
12.31- bringing in 2014 with both my boys