Thankful 2014

Dec 30th

On January 1st, 2013, I started writing down one thing I was thankful for each day. It’s been a tradition I continued for 2014 which serves as a wonderful reminder and diary of some sorts. This past year was filled with many many ups, and a few downs, but I looked back and think of how much I grew. I grew as a mom who has helped her baby grow into a little boy. I grew as a wife in which we have learned to balance “us” time with a child. I grew as a business partner and have learned so much this past year as new opportunities have come into our hands.

It’s fun to look back and see what made me smile, from a delicious Italia Deli sandwich to Carter saying a new word. The tradition will continue into 2015 as it’s a beautiful reminder for myself at the end of the day to know there was something wonderful that happened, whether big or small. I hope you find all the happiness and success in the New Year!!!


Thankful 2014



1.1- waking up on the beach in Newport
1.2- Carter saying “momma”
1.3- Carter laughing and exploring himself in the mirror
1.4- watching ‘Love Actually’
1.5- Wieby called….she’s pregnant!!!
1.6- tank’s lump isn’t a tumor
1.7- enjoying a warm coffee in a coffee shop
1.8- carter starting to use the standing walker
1.9- seeing ry!
1.10- tequila shots
1.11- a breakfast in Newport with Vicky and Antonio
1.12- walking the boardwalk as a family
1.13- morning yoga class with Kenzie
1.14- Carter falling asleep in my arms
1.15- Brazilian blow out
1.16- afternoon at the park
1.17- Laguna Beach with dad
1.18- carter trying spaghetti and loving it
1.19- the most beautiful sunset
1.20- I’m pregnant!
1.21- Carter getting down the stairs
1.22- a facial at the four seasons
1.23- sunset walk on the beach with carter
1.24- fireplace and Chinese at home with ry
1.25- thinking about the 4 of us
1.26- ry shooting Funny or Die video in Detroit
1.27- Carter taking full bites out of banana
1.28- afternoon at the park
1.29- paleo dinner with Amanda
1.30- family nighttime selfies
1.31- carter loving watching mma fighting
2.1- date night
2.2- a lazy and quiet Super Bowl
2.3- loving new climbing blocks
2.4- saying “dadadadadad”
2.5- Mongolian noodles
2.6- Susie cupcakes
2.7- boat ride shower in Newport
2.8- walking Irvine Spectrum together
2.9- family nap
2.10- playing peek a boo
2.11- Girl Scout cookies
2.12- nighttime cuddles
2.13- keeping my faith
2.14- Carter’s valentines photos
2.15- cannot get enough of extra cuddles from both boys right now
2.16- dunking under in pool
2.17- a glimmer of hope for #2
2.18- joining a gym
2.19- fro yo date with carter
2.20- hanging like a monkey at my gym
2.21- playing bball in his little hoop
2.22- mommy and me night
2.23- birthday party fun
2.24- 10 months
2.25- Carter’s first grilled cheese
2.26- seeing dad first time 12 days!
2.27- a morning walk w no crying
2.28- finally know no #2
3.1- a day at home in pjs and rain
3.2- took 2 steps to dad
3.3- family breakfast
3.4- learning to climb down stairs and off bed
3.5- two steps to mom
3.6- amazing support of friends and family
3.7- first haircut
3.8- date night
3.9- lots of naps
3.10- nighttime family walk
3.11- air balloon ride at my gym
3.12- the most infectious laugh
3.13-so in love with my baby
3.14- happy hour sushi mongrel loved crab
3.15- carter playing in dogs water bowls
3.16- underwood farm family outing
3.17- overdrive crawling by putting head down
3.18- nighttime snuggling
3.19- carter making a new face with his lip
3.20- splashing in dogs water bowl
3.21- taking a few steps
3.22- bubba gump lip
3.23- walking!!!
3.24- 11 months
3.25- trash the cake shoot
3.26- day at PSP with dad crawling around
3.27- walk with Tasha
3.28- mommy/son breakfast date
3.28- fro yo
3.29- tempter tantrum on floor in Costco
3.30- Santa Barbara zoo
3.31- tooth #8
4.1- first swimming lesson
4.2- play date with cousin Ben
4.3- starting to bounce aka dance
4.4- Carter spitting water out of his mouth
4.5- a glass of bubbly with raspberries
4.6- mom’s group dinner out
4.7- carter making me laugh so hard I cried
4.8- starting to high five
4.9- lots of hugs
4.10- high fives
4.11- absinthe show in vegas
4.12- vegas with ry
4.13- seeing Cami
4.14- a family afternoon in the park
4.15- first time using car shopping cart and loving it
4.16- Mexican dinner party with Matthews
4.17- sitting and rolling on skateboard for first time
4.18- naked eating tortellini
4.19- 1st birthday party!
4.20- first Easter egg hunt
4.21- family photos at Sherwood
4.22- successful RC surgery
4.23- roller coaster in backyard
4.24- happy 1st bday
4.25- creating new cocktail
4.26- Brett’s 21st
4.27- started Breaking Bad
4.28- first time on carousel
4.29- climbing inside water table
4.30- riding in new walking car
5.1- evening drinks by the lake
5.2- not leaving the house once
5.3- official rodan + fields rep
5.4- over stomach flu
5.5- laughing at elephant noises
5.6- loving snoothies
5.7- carter saying hi
5.8- first Popsicle (homemade green)
5.9- swinging on the rope at my gym
5.10- boat night with Driscolls
5.11- Mother’s Day diamond earrings
5.12- head butting hugs
5.13- water table on hot day
5.14- r&f launch
5.15- getting Brazilian blowout
5.16- new car!
5.17- raspberry lemon drop
5.18- dad’s surprise chief party
5.19- mommy/son afternoon at park
5.20- baby goats at underwood
5.21- barre class
5.22- an amazing day with carter
5.23- swinging on bars at my gym
5.24- splash pad & 13 months
5.25- BBQ
5.26- a full family day
5.27- Billy Joel Hollywood bowl!
5.28- carter giving me kisses
5.29- lunch w grace & Karen
5.30- beanscene blast
5.31- loving chicken hot dogs
6.1- kissing a goat
6.2- dad does swim lessons
6.3- carter siting in my lap
6.4- grace and carter kissing in pool
6.5- finished breaking bad
6.7- checking out new spot in irvine
6.8- tossing football at the park
6.9- meeting baby Will
6.10- Carter giving will kisses
6.11- coming home
6.12- carter napping on dad
6.13- movie date to see Chef
6.14- family beach day
6.15- Father’s Day
6.16- Monday night BBQ
6.17- mommy & me Pilates
6.18- “bye dadeeee”
6.19- carter letting me read a story
6.20- watching “We Bought a Zoo”
6.21- a night of nothing
6.22- Bryan’s 30th bday
6.23- chasing carter and his giggles
6.24- lunch with prosecco
6.25- Ryan’s 37th bday
6.27- 2nd ear piercing w Karen
6.28- beer & wine tasting party
6.29- sleeping in until 11am
6.30- $1 taco night
7.1- started music class
7.2- unlimited giggles
7.3- family night to mall water pad
7.4- BBQ at Herndons
7.5- big kicks in pool swimming
7.6- Carter’s dancing
7.7- passing of grandpa Capretta
7.8- positive pregnancy test
7.9- saying mooooo
7.10- dinner at sageroom
7.11- free slurpee
7.12- Carter’s new talking noise
7.13- shishito peppers are back
7.14- grandpa Capretta funeral
7.15- carter says moooooo
7.16- pizza BBQ party at PSP
7.17- learning to hide and seek
7.18- family evening at stonehaus
7.19- 6 weeks pregnant
7.20- two long naps
7.21- Grace sleeps over
7.22- making kiss noise
7.23- dad does swim class
7.24- 4 years in Santa Barbara
7.25- seeing Carter after 2 days
7.26- Brett home!
7.27- Chinese dinner at the Driscolls
7.28- apple jacks for lunch
7.29- carter and will hanging
7.30- climbing pool slide at swim
7.31- interviews at the marke
8.1- carter chasing seagulls at beach
8.2- marmalade family breakfast
8.3- beyonce & jay z concert
8.4- there’s a heartbeat!!!!
8.5- sitting in my lap reading books
8.6- saying “please” aka “peeese”
8.7- Ventura county fair
8.8- wearing Nike dunks
8.9- D Fish 40th bday party
8.10- dancing in wind at church
8.11- seeing baby #2 again
8.12- dinner with hendersons
8.13- carter cuddling before nap
8.14- afternoon w Christina
8.15- am breakfast at the park
8.16- giggle fest in bed
8.17- kisses with Goldfish
8.18- afternoon at AHS with Tash
8.19- spotting air planes
8.20- howling like a wolf
8.21- reading and snuggling a dad
8.22- cherry icee
8.23- nighttime books in crib
8.24- 16 months
8.25- carter saying “up”
8.26- holding both our hands walking
8.27- learning to flush toilet
8.28- OC meetings with dad so excited
8.29- sushi with the Driscolls
8.30- Stevie engagement party
8.31- afternoon pool party
9.1- Carter diving into the pool
9.2- it’s a girl!
9.3- made it to Hawaii
9.4- sunrise walk on the beach
9.5- nap outside in the rain
9.6- Maui aquarium
9.7- relax time in the cabana
9.8- couples massage
9.9- pasta and stickers at dinner
9.10- waving by to penguins
9.11- home
9.12- online shopping for Riley
9.13- Beckett blood drive
9.14- farmer’s market samples
9.15- first day baby and me
9.16- family dinner at pho
9.17- dad and carter shishito peppers
9.18- animal noises
9.19- Italian dinner for Tristen Bday
9.20- farm and fro yo date w Carter
9.21- 5k race for shred kids Cancer
9.22- dad & carter splash pad date
9.23- officially Riley Chase Capretta
9.24- afternoon at the zoo
9.25- the long curls
9.26- family dinner at landing
9.27- golden gate park
9.28- Buena vista coffee
9.29- 49ers v Eagles game
9.30- seeing Carter!!!!
10.1- cuddles in bed
10.2- watching the trash truck
10.3- carter loving tomato soup
10.4- sleeping in crib with carter
10.5- pumpkin patch
10.6- Riley first kicks
10.7- carter and his remote train
10.8- new place in OC
10.9- Carter’s long hair
10.10- The Marke grand opening
10.11- Italian night Four Seasons
10.12- homemade breakfast burrito
10.13- carter in the lion costume
10.14- taking my hand for a walk
10.15- rocking a mowhawk
10.16- sunset on the beach with ry
10.17- seeing a baby goat
10.18- sleeping in (7:30!)
10.19- fall festival as a family
10.20- baked potato for dinner
10.21- big Riley ultrasound
10.22- lunch and talks with Tristan
10.23- petting a baby big
10.24- CMC year and a half and first Friday night lights game at AHS
10.25- love how you say mama
10.26- spa swimming with dad
10.27- ace Ventura for school party
10.28- massage at four seasons
10.29- Carter saying “woah woah”
10.30- falling asleep in my arms
10.31- the lion on Halloween!
11.1- waking up to rain and rainbows
11.2- red cup and am park play
11.3- mommy/son breakfast
11.4- lake walk by myself
11.5- carter napping on dad
11.6- yoga class date
11.7- Mastro’s Ocean Club dinner
11.8- mom sleeping in
11.9- dad & carter Santa Monica hanging out
11.10- Carter saying Riley “Ry Ry”
11.11- decorating for Xmas
11.12- Mongolian BBQ
11.13- prenatal yoga
11.14- Riley moving like crazy
11.15- not leaving the house
11.16- homemade French onion soup
11.17- first school pics
11.18- mint chocolate chip ice cream
11.19- stickers on face at breakfast
11.20- Goober is here!
11.21- promenade Christmas tree lighting
11.22- breakfast on the beach
11.23- losing it over Santa
11.24- brazilian blowout
11.25- fireplace evening in Monterey
11.26- first cable car ride
11.27- thankful to wake up to my two boys beside me and Riley kicking
11.28- 4 hour nap
11.29- a long hot shower
11.30- getting our xmas tree
12.1- my boys tackling each other
12.2- waking up to pouring rain
12.3- my boys reading together
12.4- decorating the tree with boys & first movie to see penguins
12.5- carter sitting on top of belly during ultrasound for Riley
12.6- arabelah’s first bday
12.7- Malibu Roadhouse brunch
12.8- baby class xmas arts and crafts
12.9- afternoon cuddles
12.10- Disneyland!!!
12.11- loving his Mickey Santa doll
12.12- teppan dinner w my boys
12.13- evening at the park
12.14- donuts in bed
12.15- loving playing peek a boo
12.16- carter and target popcorn
12.17- 27
12.18- trees and pizza at stonehaus
12.19- tree light clapper
12.20- beer pong at The Ledfords
12.21- kids cookie decorating
12.22- carter loving his head rubbed at night
12.23- beating Ry in a game of PIG
12.24- carter in a full suit for Xmas eve
12.25- seeing the train table from Santa
12.26- falling asleep in my arms
12.27- popcorn and tv with dad
12.28- dancing with fire hat on
12.29- chasing dad on the field
12.30- counting to 10
12.31- waking up to Riley kicking