Top Resolutions for the New Year

Dec 31st

While thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions for this year, I have come across a lot of articles on the top resolutions people make. After going through a good number, I have noticed they are pretty similar. Check it out and see if something on your list falls in the most popular. And if you have another one…SHARE!!!

Top 10 Most Popular Resolutions
  1. Drink Less Alcohol — this isn’t fun
  2. Get a Better Job — I love mine so not on my list
  3. Lose Weight — duh, this is year-round
  4. Quit Smoking — not an issue
  5. Get Fit — duh, this is also year-round
  6. Manage Stress — we could all use a lesson in this
  7. Manage Debt/Save Money — don’t swipe unless you can cover it
  8. Take a Trip — always #1 on my list!
  9. Volunteer/Help Others — something that if often forgot about
  10. Connect with Friends — thanks to Facebook this is easier now´╗┐