Thankful 2015

Dec 31st

A few years back I started writing down one thing I am thankful for each day in a note memo on my phone. It’s become one of my favorite things to do and a constant reminder of all the wonderful blessings in my life.

2015 can be summarized as the year our family became complete. From the moment Riley Chase entered into this world, we knew she was meant to be ours. I’m reminded daily with both of my children how incredibly lucky I am to be their mom. Watching them grow, learn and discover life is truly one of the most amazing gifts to experience. The love I have for them hurts and I honestly never knew how much you could love two little humans.

2015 is also the year we embarked on a new chapter for the business by opening a second location, which has become a new venture for me on the work front. We’ve had some pretty awesome things happen with PSP and 2016 has so much in store. Crazy that we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of the business starting this spring!

2015 is the year I fell more in love with Ryan and idolize the genuine, humble, kind and honest person that he is. He’s incredibly selfless and always looking to the positive side of things. I’m lucky to be able to work by his side, but I stand even prouder being called his wife. It’s really quite the honor and 10 years in together I’m still pinching myself I’m on this crazy ride with him.

So 2016, bring it! Bring the excitement. Bring the growth. Bring the scary moments of being a mom. Bring the memorable ones too!

Happy New Year!


Thankful 2015

Thankful 2015

1.1- Knowing we will have 2 kids this year
1.2- waking up with Carter next to me
1.3- first California rolls and loved
1.4- dad and Carter go to church
1.5- seeing Riley’s face
1.6- Carter cuddling and napping with me
1.7- Carsland!
1.8- lavender diffuser for bed
1.9- bounce house in garage
1.10- The Six for dinner
1.11- Carter loving books
1.12- flowers from Ry
1.13- big boy bed
1.14- mommy-son breakfast
1.15- going down the slide backwards
1.16- Ry home! Nighttime books
1.17- beach morning, T&T turn 7
1.18- Carter saying “okay”
1.19- great therapy session
1.20- dancing to Uptown Funk
1.21- carter eating corn on cob
1.22- American Sniper
1.23- monkeys at Santa Ana zoo
1.24- windy day at the beach
1.25- morning at the park
1.26- bouncing and falling on ball
1.27- sharing a smoothie at dinner
1.28- bocci at park with uncle Bryan
1.29- diamond Riley band
1.30- beach drones in OC
1.31- mint Oreo ice cream
2.1- Super Bowl family hangout
2.2- can count to 5 on own
2.3- pizza and the park
2.4- saying “noooo” when I ask for kiss
2.5- visiting great grandparents
2.6- surprise spa afternoon
2.7- carter at PSP with dad
2.8- Riley’s baby shower
2.9- Carter chasing bubbles at school
2.10- washing car in bath
2.11- mommy son dinner date
2.12- finger painting
2.13- zoo with Cami and Bella
2.14- Mongolian valentines w my boys
2.15- first poop in toilet
2.16- strawberry waffle
2.17- dinner w Lauren & Anastasia & Carter at The Landing
2.18- snuggling in bed
2.19- Carter loving chicken nuggets
2.20- reading book while on toilet
2.21- 3:30am cuddles
2.22- the sound of pouring rain
2.23- dad is home
2.24- family happy hour sushi
2.25- back asleep in bed cuddles
2.26- big slide at Cole’s party
2.27- feet running down hallway
2.28- saying “bless you”
3.1- farmers market outing
3.2- saying “I did it”
3.3- final night as 3 of us
3.4- day of labor!
3.5- welcome Riley Chase Capretta
3.6- home as family of 4
3.7- outing to Stonehaus
3.8- sleeping in with Riley
3.9- morning cuddles with my two littles
3.10- first brother/sister bath
3.11- Riley sleeping 5hrs at night
3.12- Target run with two kiddos
3.13- Grand Opening PSP at Marke
3.14- A1 gala date night
3.15- lazy Sunday at home
3.16- park with both kiddos
3.17- Riley’s photo shoot with tutu
3.18- nighttime books w two kids
3.19- Makena Rose Ledford coming in September!!!
3.20- first walk with the 2 kiddos
3.21- Carter helping wash Riley
3.22- underwood farm with kiddos
3.23- Riley gained pound and half
3.24- coffee breakfast with Ry
3.25- family dinner at The Landing
3.26- Goopy instead of Goofy
3.27- sand dunes Roadtrip
3.28- playing in Stonehaus fountain
3.29- full family day
3.30-Carters egg hunt at school
3.31- closet clean out
4.1- meeting Easter bunny
4.2- a cat nap
4.3- Underwood Easter festival
4.4- Nicole & Brandon watch kids
4.5- Easter, Riley 1 month old
4.6- singing Wheels On Bus
4.7- working out w Riley
4.8- cousin play date w Ben & Bella
4.9- date night!!!!
4.10- family lunch in Santa Monica
4.11- Tasha sleeps over
4.12- Carter sits in a firetruck
4.13- Riley’s pic with the Packers
4.14- evening family walk
4.15- iPhone 6 plus
4.16- carter eating raspberries from dump truck
4.17- m cafe afternoon
4.18- dad bath with both kiddos
4.19- girls night at Geoffrey’s
4.20- hotel stay at la live jw marriott
4.21- hotel breakfast
4.22- Mickey Mouse clubhouse show at California Adventure
4.23- evening fire, tea and Riley cuddles
4.24- Carter turns 2!!!
4.25- buzzed Carter’s head
4.26- Riley smiles
4.27- swim lessons begin
4.28- talking in full sentences
4.29- reading with my two kids
4.30- Surprising ry with moe
5.1- Paso Robles!
5.2- slip in slide in paso
5.3- all four of us sleeping in bed together
5.4- snip snip Ryan
5.5- Riley is 2 Months Old
5.6- coo-ing convos & smiles with Riley
5.7- cousin Will time
5.8- getting full makeup system
5.9- paradise cove potluck
5.10- Mother’s Day breakfast in bed
5.11- up all night with Riley yet sweet moment
5.12- evening workout class
5.13- carter reading to Riley
5.14- meetings in OC!
5.15- Carter counting to 10
5.16- date night at pearl district
5.17- carter peeing in potty twice
5.18- C going with dad to barber shop
5.19- bean slept 12 hours in crib!!!
5.20- Mastros dinner for T&B 25th
5.21- reading with both kids in bed
5.22- a 10 minute cat nap
5.23- bell peppers w guacamole
5.24- Memorial Day BBQ
5.25- splash pad opens
5.26- Carter jumping into deep end
5.27- awesome barre class
5.28- cupcakes & kisses w grace
5.29- escape room in dtla
5.30- flowers crowns with Riley
5.31- morning at the park
6.1- Carter and Riley dancing
6.2- 7am training session
6.3- poop in the potty!!!
6.4- chasing dad
6.5- c falling asleep in highchair
6.6- “don’t take Carter pizza”
6.7- Mowtown the Musical
6.8- playing in pool pirate ship
6.9- work meeting in rain at stonehaus with Ryan
6.10- “so good to see you”
6.11- “love you mommy” – wuv
6.12- 3 hours at park
6.13- Saturday date matinee
6.14-morning  nap with bean
6.15- ultimate giggle fest before bedtime
6.16- belly flops at pool
6.17- nail night w Nicole
6.18- Jurassic World date night
6.19- Riley smiling with daddy
6.20- registering for Makena
6.21- Fathers Day
6.22- tummy time w Bean
6.23- Riley’s first giggles
6.24- carter gets Oreo for first time and loves
6.25- happy birthday Ryan!
6.26- Summer BBQ with friends
6.27- family workout at the gym
6.28- underwood farm and fruit picking
6.29- waking up to carter next to me
6.30- meeting baby chickens
7.1- carter dressing up in fire chief outfit
7.2- down the pool slide w carter
7.3- date w C to see “Inside Out”
7.4- Riley’s first 4th & parade
7.5-  carter and Riley talking together
7.6- signing up for preschool
7.7- carter falling asleep to head rub
7.8- Pilates class with the kiddos
7.9- Carter reading to Riley in crib
7.10- McConnel’s in SB for weight goal treat
7.11- clay & Casey wedding in SB
7.12- Riley’s baptism
7.13- Carter making Riley laugh
7.14- Riley’s first tooth!!p
7.15- family trip to movies
7.16- perch and Edison bar
7.17- Carter showing me a triangle
7.18- running in the rain with Carter
7.19- first family zoo trip
7.20- making muffins with carter
7.21- afternoon playing with kiddos
7.22- the best day w the kids
7.23- cho cho San dinner with carter boat bento
7.24- 5 years!!
7.25- Stevie & Tatiana wedding
7.26- driving remote boat in the pool
7.27- Riley gets her second tooth
7.28- Carter telling me bout his day in bed
7.29- nighttime drive w family to OC
7.30- balboa ice cream with carter
7.31- meeting Tyson Gaye
8.1- blue cow at Mendocino farms
8.2- hello Cabo!!!
8.3- Oceanside anniversary dinner
8.4- dinner at flora farms & tequila barrel
8.5- entire day poolside
8.6- seeing Carter!!!
8.7- VC Fair with cousin Will and family
8.8- family spa time
8.9- Del Mar horse races
8.10- beach day in Del Mar
8.11- Legoland
8.12- long beach aquarium seeing nemo & dori
8.13- a day at home with the kiddos
8.14- tickle and chase fest with Carter
8.15- play day w cousins Ben and Noah
8.16- tackling uncle Bryan
8.17- dinner at Boccaccios
8.18- family morning to carters school
8.19- making my canvas
8.20- late night Toy story 2
8.21- color me mine arts and crafts
8.22- tank is going to be ok
8.23- Makena rose baby shower
8.24- watching carter fall asleep
8.25- Taylor swift concert w heather and Laura
8.26- Psp staff retreat
8.27- “did you have a fun day mom?”
8.28- wearing fire outfit to firehouse
8.29- one night in Vegas
8.30- Riley talking and laughing so much
8.31- carter wearing underwear!
9.1- first day of school
9.2- hot yoga early morning class
9.3- carter saying he misses Riley at school
9.4- frozen at the el Capitan
9.5- Riley is 6 months
9.6- starting avocado with Riley
9.7- carter holding Riley’s hand
9.8- a chocolate chip cookie
9.9- Riley pink nikes
9.10- Carter making applesauce at school
9.11- Disneyland! Riley’s first trip & Minnie ear
9.12- two little buns in the tub
9.13- Carter “what you doing?”
9.14- breakfast burritos for dinner w Ledfords
9.15- smoothie date w c after school
9.16- moms night out
9.17- Riley waking up carter from a nap
9.18- bagels in the morning with kiddos
9.19- tri tri family dinner
9.20- Carter and Bean in their cars
9.21- hanging with Amanda and kiddos
9.22- silly goose
9.23- such a good swim lesson
9.24- four seasons date afternoon and dinner
9.25- family pizza night
9.26- a quick cardio circuit
9.27- 3:08am Makena Rose born!
9.28- tooth #3
9.29- “mom you so pretty”
9.30- relaxing watching Scandal
10.1- “how was your day mom”
10.2- art class with Carter making zebra
10.3- carter napping in my arms
10.4- Apple picking in oak glen
10.5- waking up & am run at Laguna Ritz
10.6- carter wanting to snuggle in stroller w R
10.7- morning trip to the OC park
10.8- run around the lake to 30min
10.9- blow dry bar…peace
10.10- family trip to underwood fall festival
10.11- Carter saying Riley is talking to him
10.12- the cutest sick little boy

10.13- Riley loving the activity table
10.14- happy hour and movie date night
10.15- successful travel day with two kiddos
10.16- apple farm play with Will
10.17- Brett’s game at ISU
10.18- family day in Iowa
10.19- all home ok!!
10.20- kids chasing in tunnel together
10.21- evening in brentwood with a ply
10.22- Carter singing old macdonald
10.23- evening at the park
10.24- power 4 pink workout
10.25- Riley breakfast and Tiffanys shoot
10.26- fins off at swim!
10.27- personal best total run time on own
10.28- Carter giving Riley hug after going up stairs
10.29- Halloween costume parade
10.30-Last minute movie and in n out date night
10.31- Toy Story Halloween
11.1- “I’m probably still hungry mom”
11.2- saying he’s thankful for Riley and mom
11.3- Carter and grace date afternoon
11.4- Carter and Riley in the bath splashing
11.5- LASIK for Ryan and Riley 8 months
11.6- sugarfish date night
11.7- a full day at home as family
11.8- chicken street tacos in Oxnard – C loved
11.9- fall family photo day
11.10- taking a little nap with Riley
11.11- big meeting for me in OC
11.12- Riley saying “DaDa” over and over
11.13- Carter acting like a dinosaur
11.14- decorating for Christmas
11.15- KidsWorld as a family
11.16- Carter dancing to Christmas house
11.17- “I love you more than all the hooters mom”
11.18- nap time with Riley
11.19- women’s group bible study
11.20- cafe Habana lunch and date
11.21- beach walk in am with ry
11.22- both kiddos sitting on lap giving me hugs
11.23- piñatas in dtla
11.-24- Carter saying “I’m going to miss you” when off to school
11.25- Bellah sleep over!!!
11.26- Thanksgiving!
11.27- friendsgiving at the driscolls
11.28- going to the farm with Bellah
11.29- getting our Christmas tree
11.30- two kids asleep by 6:30 on own
12.1- Riley & Carter freaking out on Santa
12.2- hands and knees crawling!!
12.3- both loving the Rudolph doll
12.4- 41 pounds down since June 1
12.5- 9 months
12.6- family morning at church then nap
12.7- a morning playing with the kids
12.8- shopping with Riley Bean
12.9- size 29
12.10- a day at Disneyland with Carter. Magical
12.11- friends decorating cookie party
12.12- a nap with Carter
12.13- core power class in OC
12.14- chocolate milkshakes & great grandparents
12.15- afternoon lake walk with ry
12.16- colourpop girl’s night
12.17- 28
12.18- Mexican bday fiesta & school show
12.19- all the Christmas songs we sing
12.20- driving at night to see Christmas lights
12.21- “oh boy!”
12.22- fire, Lakeview & rainy weather
12.23- will comes to town
12.24- hosting Xmas eve & kiddos in pjs
12.25- duck helmet & bean’s first Christmas
12.26- Carter saying “actually”
12.27- bean standing on own lots
12.28- Mongolian BBQ with funcles
12.29- Carter wanting broccoli!!
12.30- dance party to Lion Guard
12.31- looking over the last year’s list…amazing