About Mrs. C


My story begins at TGIFridays over dinner

during the summer of my sophomore year of college.

Newly single, and thinking not ready to mingle, I found myself out to dinner.

(and now is where the third person begins)

She ordered chicken, broccoli, and plain pasta.

Always the standard meal of choice.

She didn’t eat off bones, nor anything from the water, red meat, or “yellow eggs.”

(for the record yellow eggs are normal eggs, but she only new white)

The world’s plainest, pickiest, and most inexperienced eater was on a date.

With whom?

He was an Italian who quickly stole her heart.

He loves beer, any food, extra portions and has a laugh that made her swoon.

This summer night was the start of an unexpected romance and love affair.

Little did she know their relationship would bring her so much.

A soul mate, new family, endless laughs, and countless adventures.

A There Was Time For Changing!

The girl who didn’t expand her palate or know how to chop an onion disappeared.

Born was a lover of food and all things wine, bones, and even (gasp) sushi.

She fell in love with romantic dates of learning to make homemade pasta on a Friday night.

And weekends spent perfecting a roasted tomato salsa.

The Knot Was Tied in August 2010.

Voila! The Chronicles of Mrs. C was born.

A writer, blogger, and thinker by day….

Hot wing eater, wine drinker, and wife by night…

You can join my journey on the trials and tribulations, yet love of cooking.

Follow me into my kitchen as I discover recipes, lessons, and new delights.

Warning: I am not a professional chef and have never been to school but I’m taking you on my learning adventure!

Yes it includes the successes, and of course the flops!

Along the way I am full of what makes me smile.

From traveling adventures and finding a new favorite restaurant,

to sharing what’s in my closet and how to make a delicious mojito, I’m full of thoughts.

In between I have some advice, inspiration, and guidance on all things marriage.

From learning to compromise and how to keep the spice alive it’s all a new journey.

Food, Marriage, and Fashion.

That’s my motto and I’m excited you’ve stopped by!

And of course your stories, comments, and advice are welcomed.