What Is “The Baby Goat”?

“The Baby Goat”

Now for many reading you’re probably wondering ‘what?’ Or maybe you’re thinking ‘that makes no sense.’ And you could quite possible not really care. (not offended by any means) However, if you’re interested  allow me to explain the history. My married last name is “Capretta.” If you’re up to date on your Italian you’ll know this means “baby goat.” Since the blog chronicles my journey on learning to love food, marrying an Italian, becoming a wife and homemake, all the while loving what makes me smile…. it was only fitting.

(You can see more on my transformation in the “About Mrs C” tab).

So without further ado I present “The Baby Goat”.

I Believe:

*That Nutella is the greatest thing ever possibly created

*One cannot have too many boots in their fall wardrobe

*Christmas music, countdowns, watching movies and lights are legal year round

*Celebrating a birthday can be as extravagant as you wish

*My best ideas come while I am in the shower 

*Don’t worry about what you eat on Sundays during football season

*Men will not put down a toilet seat even when you get married

*Frozen yogurt cures all problems

*Chewing, nail biting, smacking and gulping still drive me crazy

*Having deep conversations with your dog is completely normal

*As my “MIL” taught me, anything cooked with love is fabulous even if burnt

*Trying on your wedding dress every couple months is legal

*There’s no judgment if the Chinese delivery man knows you by name

*I could survive on macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese and french bread

*They keys to my heart are Susie cupcakes and peanut butter

*Just because I have a new blog name doesn’t mean I will become a morning person

*I watch trashy reality TV to feel better about myself

*It’s ok to wear a watch as an accessory even if you can’t tell the time

*Nights spent staying home, snuggling on the couch and watching a movie can’t be beat

*Taking a walk at the end of the day with hubster are simple moments cherished

*I didn’t know what half of the items in my kitchen were used for until I got married

*A simple “I love you” goes a long way

*Laughter is the best medicine  

*The majority of marriage conflicts can be solved by “rock, paper, scissors”

*Nope, not a morning person still